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Motion 8

Motion 8

Motion 8: To direct the World Board to create a project plan for the World Service Conference (WSC) 2022, the development of a new IP for daily personal inventory of gratitude.

Intent: To create a new resource for the fellowship members, through a new IP for the daily personal inventory of gratitude.

Maker: Argentina Region

Financial Impact: There is minimal cost in creating a project plan. The cost to NAWS would be in the project itself if the WSC were to adopt and prioritize the plan.

Rationale by Region: A new IP brochure is a tool for the members of the Fellowship that inspires us to make a daily personal gratitude inventory, that promotes actions inspired by the spiritual awakening of the Twelfth Step of NA that encourages us to express our gratitude during the Just for Today and / or daily basis. Members – at any stage of our personal recovery process that we find ourselves – can be inspired by questions about this spiritual principle, with direct actions of gratitude and / or gratitude list among others, and try to express growth in recovery through gratitude.

World Board Response: We are supportive of whatever the Fellowship chooses as a priority. For an explanation of our approach to prioritization, see our remarks in the introduction to the IPs and service tools motions above.

Policy Affected: None