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Motion 7

Motion 7

Motion 7: To direct the World Board to develop a project plan, for consideration at WSC-2022, to create a booklet of Step study questions with the parameter that each question is derived from one sentence in the Basic Text chapter ‘How It works’.

Intent: To create a fellowship approved, inexpensive, NA Step study questions booklet that relates directly back to the Basic Text.

Maker: Baja Son Region

Financial Impact: There is minimal cost in creating a project plan. The cost to NAWS would be in the project itself if the WSC were to adopt and prioritize the plan. Rationale by Region: The need is for elemental non-personal NA Step study material that can be read one-on-one, in NA group meetings, in institutions and in Behind The Walls correspondence. When the answers to study questions are the sentences in NA literature then issues of personality, ego, politics, religion and other affiliations are removed. The answer is always the original line in the Basic Text from which the question was created.

With a booklet of Basic Text Step study questions and the Introductory Guide, it is possible to teach and/or study the NA program for about $3 USD. We believe we are identifying a need not generally understood in the first world English speaking part of our Fellowship. Instead of asking for donations, we are requesting your support for the tools we need to succeed. The result of this motion would be a stapled booklet about the size of the Group Booklet. The NA Introductory Guide combined with Basic Text Step Study Questions is an inexpensive way to bring the NA program into both the incarceration and addiction rehabilitation environments. A first time through the Steps with the Basic Text provides a strong foundation for all members and facilitates future study with other NA literature.

The Basic Text is uncomplicated, heartfelt NA recovery literature which addicts can identify with and embrace. This piece would logically be translated after the NA Intro Guide and before the book length Basic Text, reducing the development time for emerging fellowships to be able to study the NA program.

World Board Response: As we expressed in the previous motion, we are enthusiastic about tools that will encourage members to work the Steps, but considering each idea independently of the others doesn’t give a sense of prioritization and doesn’t allow the ideas to be part of an overall planning and budgeting process. This idea, as well as another idea for a Step working guide for new members and those in treatment or incarcerated, are both part of the survey in this CAR. For an explanation of our approach to prioritization, see our remarks in the survey introduction on page 24 and the introduction to the book-length recovery literature motions on page 38.

If the WSC prioritized a simple Step working guide aimed toward newcomers, we would frame a project plan, but we would use the same approach to create the guide that we do whenever we create a piece of literature. We would ask the Fellowship what they would like to see in such a guide, and we would use their input to guide the work. We would put together a draft that reflects what we heard from members, and then we would again ask the Fellowship for input on that draft. We cannot commit to a project that predetermines the outcome of the work before seeking input from all interested members. The rationale of this particular motion is, therefore, not something we could accomplish.

It’s contrary to the literature process to mandate the content, creation process, and format of a text before a project even begins. We could begin with the idea described in this motion, but the process of creating NA literature is inclusive and dynamic; it’s not entirely possible to predict the result of our worldwide collective efforts.

Policy Affected: None