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Motion 6

Motion 6

Motion 6: To direct the WB to create a project plan for WSC 2022 to create a new Step Working Guide for members whom have worked through the previous one and would like to evolve in their recovery.

Intent: To develop new literature for members to continue their recovery process by working the Twelve Steps, in order to grow and pass it on to others.

Maker: Norway Region

Financial Impact: There is minimal cost in creating a project plan. The cost to NAWS would be in the project itself if the WSC were to adopt and prioritize the plan.
Rationale by Region: The fellowship is 60 years old. Oldtimers and others who have been through the steps many times may want a fresh look at the steps since working the steps is an ongoing process, regardless of clean time.

It is important that members are inspired to keep on passing a message of recovery for the addicts following in their steps. It is a fact that many members with long clean time leave our fellowship. A new Step Guide may inspire oldtimers to stay in the fellowship. This is a 12 Step Program, and we should keep our focus on how we can best continue facilitating the growth and evolvement of our Fellowship, and the Literature is a very good way to do this.

World Board Response: We are in favor of work that supports the growth of the Fellowship and NA members’ personal recovery. Our program is about the Twelve Steps, and material that encourages members to work the Steps cannot be a bad thing.
The challenge is that this is not the only book-length piece about working the Steps in this Conference Agenda Report, and as we mention in the introduction to the regional motions, one of the drawbacks to creating project plans through regional motions is that the ideas in the motions are considered independently of each other.

For an explanation of our approach to prioritization, see our remarks in the survey introduction on page 24 and the introduction to the book-length recovery literature motions on page 38.

Policy Affected: None.