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Motion 5

Motion 5

Motion 5: To approve the initiation of the established process to revise the Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust in the 2020–2022 Conference cycle.

Intent: To initiate a process to update the Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust to include zonal delegates who are seated at the WSC.

Financial Impact: Minimal costs for distribution of material for Fellowship review and input.

Policy Affected: This does not affect any policy at this time but seeks to start the process already specified in the FIPT Operational Rules, Article VII: Revision of Trust Rules.


Provisions of the Trust Instrument may be changed only under the following conditions:
1. Any motion to review proposed revisions to the Trust Instrument must receive the approval of a majority of regional delegates at the World Service Conference.

2. After such review is approved, proposed revisions will be open for a six-month review and input period, after which the proposed revisions will be presented in the Conference Agenda Report for adoption.

3. A motion to adopt any proposed revisions to the Trust Instrument will require a vote of “yes” from two-thirds of those regional delegates recorded as present in the World Service Conference roll call immediately prior to the vote.