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Motion 4

Motion 4

Motion 4: To approve the revisions to NA Intellectual Property Bulletin #1 contained in Addendum C.

Intent: To revise this bulletin so that it provides more direct and clear guidance, and so that it reflects current practices, terms, and language.

Financial Impact: None that can be anticipated at this time.

Policy Affected: Would replace the existing policy in Addendum E.
This bulletin has been largely rewritten. A clean copy of the bulletin with proposed revisions is contained in Addendum C. A copy tracking the proposed changes is included in Addendum D.
A summary of the proposed changes to Intellectual Property Bulletin #1 includes:
• Permission would be required to reprint book-length pieces.
• Current policy that was not clearly expressed in the bulletin has been added to the text. Groups are only allowed to reproduce currently approved versions of recovery literature, as that is all that NAWS is authorized to publish and distribute, and this permission does not include electronic or online formats.
• The introduction has been rewritten and the section on copyright has been moved ahead of the section on trademarks.
• Some copyediting changes are suggested, such as using the term policy throughout the document, rather than a mix of policy and guidelines.