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Motion 3

Motion 3

Motion 3: To approve the revisions to the FIPT Operational Rules contained in Addendum B

Intent: To revise the Operational Rules to reflect discussions at WSC 2018 about the Inspection of Trustee Activities and to reflect current practices, terms, and language.

Financial Impact: None at this time.

Policy Affected: Would replace the existing policy that is struck through in Addendum B.
A summary of the proposed changes shown in Addendum B includes:

  • A change to the Inspection Clause to reflect discussions at WSC 2018 and clarify that only the WSC can act for the beneficiary—the NA Fellowship as a whole.
  • Various “housekeeping” edits:
  • A change to the description of WSC Boards and Committees on page 11 to the World Board.
  • Two edits to Section 12: Trustee Reporting Obligation on page 15 to change calendar year to fiscal year and to add independent to the description of the annual audit.
  • Changing representatives to delegates on page 24 of the Reader’s Notes.
  • A straight copy edit by adding the word the on the same page and other edits on pages 15 and 31.
  • A change to the way the Inspection Clause is described on page 37 of the Reader’s Notes