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Motion 16

Motion 16

Motion 16: If any Motion or Proposal, in Content or Intent, has been submitted and failed to achieve consensus or adoption at two consecutive World Service Conferences, the previously proposed Content and Intent may not be suggested to the Fellowship in the Conference Agenda Report (CAR)/ Conference Approval Track (CAT) or at the WSC for one entire conference cycle.

Intent: To use the Fellowship’s decision-making processes and time responsibly and effectively.

Maker: Volunteer and Southern California Regions

Financial Impact: None.

Rationale by Regions: By temporarily setting aside ideas and motions that have not been developed fully, this motion gives the WSC the opportunity to focus its limited time and resources on issues that have garnered a wide attention and direction for the body to decide. It also allows the makers of these motions time to develop the idea and build greater understanding and consensus within the Fellowship. This motion allow us to improve in how we carry out our services and try to learn from challenges and processes that do not yield a consistent or beneficial result.

World Board Response: This motion seems to be about respecting the spirit of consensus-based decision making: If the same idea has been discussed repeatedly and is not supported, allow the Conference to take some time before picking the idea up again.

We agree with the spirit of this idea and the ideas expressed in the motion’s rationale, but we have concerns that the motion as it is written might be difficult to implement and have unintended consequences. We are not sure how the WSC would account for motions with minor differences, for example, or motions that are very different but have the same intent. For instance, the intent of this motion is “to use the Fellowship’s decision-making processes and time responsibly and effectively.” We can imagine many very different motions that might express the same intent. Also, the motion doesn’t leave room for new information that might arise, which would motivate the WSC to want to consider the same issue again.

Improving the effectiveness of the WSC has been a focus of ours for many cycles now, and we appreciate that participants are thinking about how to maximize our week together and use the WSC’s time responsibly, but we don’t believe this is a practical way to accomplish that.

Policy Affected: None.