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Motion 15

Motion 15

Motion 15: Instruct the World Board to develop a project plan for the 2022 World Service Conference (WSC) to produce an informative video about Narcotics Anonymous, for Public Relations services [committees] and online publication, approved by NAWS, where it is briefly explained:
1. What is Narcotics Anonymous
2. How it works
3. How to contact NA

Intent: That the fellowship has a new Public Relations resource that explains clearly and briefly what Narcotics Anonymous is, how it works and the ways to contact NA.

Maker: Argentina Region

Financial Impact: There is minimal cost in creating a project plan. The cost to NAWS would be in the project itself if the WSC were to adopt and prioritize the plan.

Rationale by Region: Public relations are very important for our fellowship, a brief explanatory video about Narcotics Anonymous would allow the service bodies of all NA areas and regions of the world to have one more tool in their PR efforts. This resource could be used in PR services [committees] and online publications (web, social media, etc.)

At the same time audiovisual media, including digital media, are fundamental to communications today. Right now, there are multiple informative videos about NA, but none of them was produced and approved by NAWS. The production of this video will be an effective tool for all NA regional service committees.

The video could be originally produced in English, with a simple language and include the script in written form, separate the audio tracks and make it available for download on the website.

This will allow that non-English-speaking NA regions can be easily translated locally, making this service material available to the NA regions that require it easily.

World Board Response: We know there is a need for adaptable current PR resources, and it seems wise for World Services to produce such a video. Such a resource would help professionals and members of the public know who we are and what we have to offer. Our vision is that one day “Narcotics Anonymous has universal recognition and respect as a viable program of recovery,” and this kind of tool could be instrumental in that effort.

We have been releasing Board-approved materials for a 90-day delegate review before finalizing drafts, and we imagine this resource would be subject to the same process, as has been the case with other PR materials. Delegates would have an opportunity to give input on the content before the video is approved.

Policy Affected: None.