Online Meeting Information
Information regarding online meetings during COVID-19 pandemic.

Motion 10

Motion 10

Motion 10: To direct the World Board to create a project plan for consideration at WSC 2022 to create a guide for online meetings.

Intent: To create a new resource.

Maker: Latin American Zonal Forum

Financial Impact: There is minimal cost in creating a project plan. The cost to NAWS would be in the project itself if the WSC were to adopt and prioritize the plan.

Rationale by Zone: Up this date those meeting are considered tools of our fellowship. To create a guide for the online meetings for them to be able to meet the requirements to be integral part of our service structure in harmony with our fifth and eighth service concepts as well as our seventh tradition among other, to ensure they work NA way.

World Board Response: This is a topic we have attempted to forward since it was discussed at WSC 2018. We have held an open webinar to collect ideas and experience, and we plan to hold another after the WSC. We are attempting to gather the Fellowship’s best practices with online recovery meetings. There is certainly interest and enthusiasm about this topic, and we plan to continue gathering recommendations for further discussion at WSC 2020.

Because this topic was identified for discussion at the last WSC, and this is part of an ongoing focus, if this is prioritized at WSC 2020, it would mean work would begin in this cycle rather than the next. For an explanation of our approach to prioritization, see our remarks in the introduction to the IPs and service tools motions on page 40.

Policy Affected: None