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Motion 1

Motion 1

Motion 1: To approve the NAWS Long-Term Goals, which serve as the foundation of the NA World Services Strategic Plan.

Intent: To take a next step in creating a collaborative strategic plan for NA World Services.
Financial Impact: None
Policy Affected: None

NAWS Long-Term Goals

In a continuous effort to realize our vision, NA World Services strives to achieve these goals:

1. NA is understood and accepted as a relevant, reliable, safe, compatible, and spiritual program of recovery by addicts for addicts.

2. A network of worldwide trusted servants acts as an effective, consistent NA resource for local governments, professionals, and the media.

3. NA is a truly global Fellowship with increasing access to literature in all languages and a commitment by all to work together to grow the Fellowship.

4. Technology is used more effectively to communicate in a timely manner, make it easier for members to contribute and participate, expand access to workshops and service tools, and support Fellowship development efforts worldwide.
5. Every member understands the concept of self-support and demonstrates commitment to the Fellowship by contributing of their time, abilities, and available resources.

6. We are able to grow the Fellowship, develop literature, and improve our ability to carry the NA message by operating a sustainable organization with sufficient revenue, human resources, and infrastructure.

7. More members are discussing and building consensus on issues at all levels, generating a greater sense of trust in the global decision-making process.

8. All components of the service system work collaboratively to realize our NA Vision and goals.